Mission Partners

In recognition of its rich mission history, Andover Newton formed a partnership immediately upon arriving in New Haven with the Integrated Refugee and Immigration Service, IRIS. That partnership includes a winter clothing drive and the beginnings of cultural companioning between Andover Newton community members and recently-arrived refugees. 

Andover Newton’s mission partnership with IRIS is an opportunity to practice hospitality, welcoming refugees making new lives in New Haven. Participating in IRIS refugee relief programs also offers Andover Newton and other YDS students opportunities to learn best practices in non-profit organizations, including connecting local congregations with refugee relief and resettlement.” ~ Melissa Heim

“Andover Newton's partnership with IRIS comes at a critical time in refugee resettlement in the U.S. While many think refugees are not coming to the U.S. or still others are trying to keep refugees from coming, IRIS continues to welcome refugees as the largest resettlement agency in Connecticut and needs supporters to rededicate their efforts of support in light of dramatic federal funding cuts. IRIS looks forward to increasing numbers of Andover Newtown graduates, affiliated churches and current students becoming actively involved with refugees, leading the way in supporting the most noble tradition in the U.S. -- welcoming new Americans from all over the world.”
Ann O’Brien, Acting Director of Communications for IRIS