Please note that at this time visitors are not permitted on campus without prior academic or business approval. Andover Newton Seminary is following Yale University’s guidelines about visitors and guests as we transition back to in-person classes. For more information, visit Yale’s COVID-19 visitor’s guideWe look forward to welcoming you to campus when it is deemed safe to do so!

Andover Newton, the oldest graduate school in the nation, formally affiliated with Yale Divinity School in 2017, though the mutual history of these two institutions can be traced back much farther. From the beginning, Andover Newton’s mission has been to educate learned clergy, particularly those who serve in the family of locally-governed, “small c” congregational traditions, such as the United Church of Christ and the American Baptist Churches (USA).  As an embedded institution within Yale Divinity School, Andover Newton is  able to offer the unique benefits of a tradition-specific seminary with the unparalleled resources of a great university.

Andover Newton promotes love for congregations in the entire YDS community, provides specific programs for those exploring or living into such a call, and creates new knowledge about the art and craft of congregational ministry. Andover Newton Seminary’s programs and missional distinctiveness rely on faculty and staff who embrace the seminary’s commitment to educating clergy for pastoral leadership in locally-governed congregations. Staff and faculty employed by or affiliated with Andover Newton Seminary offer their gifts to the Seminary’s programs specifically, and they embody its values throughout Yale Divinity School.

Students enrolled at YDS through Andover Newton can earn a diploma certifying their preparation for ministry in addition to their Yale degree. Through YDS, Andover Newton funds certain American Baptist and United Church of Christ faculty and programs and offers scholarship support to students. All admissions to Andover Newton are administered through YDS. Applicants interested in pursuing the program at Andover Newton Seminary should use a YDS application for admission, indicating their desire to enroll in the Andover Newton Seminary Program. 

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