Devotional Series

Andover Newton remains rooted in its faithful devotion to the study and practice of worship as it has been passed down through local congregational communities. 

During different seasons of the liturgical year, Andover Newton faculty, staff, students, trustees, and alumni/ae come together to create contempletive opportunities to reflect on these seasons and the contemporary times in which they unfold.

As individuals, we are never the same person this Lent that we were as we traversed Lent in years past. The same is true for communities. Therefore, members of Andover Newton’s extended family contribute to new devotionals in a variety of ways, using a variety of media, in order to capture glimpses of the Spirit in a particular moment or sacred place. 

These devotionals can be used by individuals seeking to enter into liturgical seasons in a new way, or by congregational communities in order to prompt reflection and discussion.