Tuned in to what ministers need to know…

Unlike so many other settings of higher learning, even graduate theological schools, Andover Newton remains passionate about the church, which itself ministers in a world of evolving needs. People seek connection, community, and a sense of belonging. Churches can and are fulfilling this need. Leadership is essential to the church’s capacity to respond to the times.

The overlapping crises of political division, a catastrophic public health crisis, a reckoning with systemic racism, and widening economic disparities unearthed overwhelming, intergenerational pain. The specter of climate collapse due to global warming looms over all these crises, challenging our capacities for activism and hope. The world needs settings of theological reflection and moral reasoning. Just as it has so many times in the past, Andover Newton has stepped into the space of preparing leaders to insure such spaces’ continuity. 

Strengthening Andover Newton’s foundation…

While Andover Newton is flourishing now, the water is rising for all theological schools and the churches their graduates serve. Now is the time to strengthen the school’s foundation to ensure a vibrant future. Andover Newton is taking a bold stance of hope for faith communities’ ongoing relevance and potential. Bold philanthropic support will make this vision a reality. Investing in this insitution will make a difference immediately for students and will shift the landscape for students and churches of the future.

We envision a better future with abiding hope and great anticipation. Andover Newton is positioned to effect change through the students it educates, the faith communities for whom it prepares leaders, and the knowledge it shares freely with the wider church. To live into this moment, will you help us to lead with love into a brighter future?

The Andover Newton Office of Institutional Advancement is committed to…

  • Adopting a Faithful Devotion to Gratitude.
  • Nurturing Transformational Relationships, not Transactional Relationships.
  • Embracing Our Vulnerability as a Symbol of Sacred Humility.
  • Making Accessibility a Form of Outreach.
  • Communicating Clearly About Need.

Link to the Donor Bill of Rights

Are you ready to make your gift? Visit the Ways to Give page, where you can choose a method of giving that is right for you.

Ethical Investing Policies:

Contributions made to endowment funds for Andover Newton Seminary at Yale Divinity School are managed by the Yale Corporation for the exclusive benefit of Andover Newton. Gifts made to the Annual Fund or those current use restricted gifts are held in short-term accounts, and support the annual operating needs of Andover Newton.

Andover Newton Seminary has the same commitment to ethical investing as it did when it was an independent free-standing seminary.  Alumni/ae and partners will be pleased to know that Yale University was one of the first universities to formally address the ethical responsibilities of institutional investors in 1972.

More information on Yale’s ethical investment policies can be found on the Ethical Investment Policy site for Yale University.

Specific information on Yale’s policies regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion can be found by visiting the Diversity and Inclusion page on their Investments Office site.

The Impact of Endowing Scholarships…

I gave to Andover Newton Seminary because I’m excited about the future of our beloved school.  We all know that we’re living during a time of seismic changes in the Church.  Andover Newton is responding to these changes head-on, ensuring that our donations help provide a quality education for future clergy.  Giving back to the Seminary that formed me so well for ministry is an honor.” Lauren Lorincz (MDiv ’10), pastor of Colchester Federated Church, Colchester, CT