Andover Newton Seminary at Yale Divinity School’s number one fundraising priority is student support. We celebrate with Yale Divinity School and Berkeley Divinity School reaching the milestone of covering all tuition for students with demonstrated need! But, what does this mean?
Since the announcement about covering tuition was made, one might wonder why Andover Newton is still prioritizing student support (scholarships) in fundraising if the goal has been met. The key word here is “tuition.” By coming together, the schools have reached the milestone of covering all demonstrated need for tuition beginning in Academic Year 2022-23. The shared comprehensive goal, however, is to erase future student debt entirely. The majority of graduate school debt comes from those loans taken out for housing, books, board, food plans, and health insurance. So, we both celebrate the milestone and push forward, with the combined goal (shared between all three partners on the quad) of raising an additional $6M in the next five years. So far. Andover Newton has raised just about $1.25M since Sarah B. Drummond became founding dean in 2019. With that momentum, the future is bright for our current and future students.
The minimum threshold to create a new endowed scholarship is $50,000. While we have reached and exceeded that threshold with our new scholarships, we are still in active-fundraising mode to firm them up still more. These scholarships and more information about them are linked from this page.
If you would like to create an altogether new scholarship, please reach out to Associate Dean for Institutional Advancement Ned Allyn Parker