Davida Foy Crabtree (‘72) Honored with the Silver Lake Award

October 18, 2018
The Silver Lake Conference Center Board of Directors is excited  to announce that Rev. Davida Foy Crabtree was selected to be the recipient of the 2nd Annual Silver Lake Award! Rev. Crabtree, an Andover Newton graduate of 1972 and a sitting member of the Andover Newton Board of trustees, was honored on October 14th, 2018.
The Silver Lake Award recognizes a member of the Silver Lake community who lives their life and faith in a way that reflects the formative experiences they have had at Silver Lake Conference Center. This person truly takes Silver Lake home with them “beyond Low Road.”
In addition to being shaped by Silver Lake, the Silver Lake Award recipient has given back time, treasure, and talent to Silver Lake, and has made a significant and sustainable contribution to the ministry of Silver Lake.
“We are delighted to honor Davida as the recipient of the Silver Lake Award,”  Silver Lake Executive Director, Rev. Ryan Gackenhemier said.   ”For decades she has embodied the ministry of Silver Lake offering an extravagant welcome, lifting up young leaders, Loving creation and all of God’s children, and offering hope for a world filled with God’s love and light.  She has done this in the community, in the local and wider church, and especially at Silver Lake. We give thanks for imprint upon this sacred place.  I hope you will join us in this celebration and support this vital ministry that is Silver Lake.”
Rev. Crabtree was lifted up for the award by Silver Lake alumni & friends, in open nominations earlier this year:
There may be no other more impactful person to come out of Silver Lake…  Davida has helped to bring feminisim to the forefront of the church… She was a part of the movement to build the 21st century freedom schooner Amistad…She led the effort to secure & produce the 2007 UCC Genral Synod in Hartford; a huge undertaking that required buy-in from hundereds of volunteers, and was a huge success.  Writings from her career are important enough to be housed in the Congregational Library in Boston.”
The woman is a legend!  Total trailblazer:  First female solo pastor in Connecticut, fourth female conference minister in the UCC.  She has been promoting and mentoring young leaders her whole career, particularly women and people of color.”
Even in retirement, Davida advocates for Silver Lake.  She helps to identify and thank donors, attends events, and promotes camp at First Church Windsor.  She even writes letters to the Windsor kids at camp!  From conferee to conference minister, Silver Lake has shaped Davida; and Davida has certainly helped to shape Silver Lake!” 
Please join the Andover Newton faculty, staff, administration, and trustees, in congratulating Davida!