Rededication of The Ministry of the Whole People of God

April 27, 2017

Original Dedication

November 2, 1983

The Ministry of the Whole people of God, was commissioned by Andover Newton Theological School for Rev. George Peck’s presidential inauguration on November 2, 1983. The ceremony also featured the newly created Center for the Ministry of the Laity at Andover Newton. It was on display for over three decades.

The Artwork captures the essence of the Center’s principal underlying tenets: i.e., the laity is present in situations which are closed to ordained church professionals (e.g., the workplace), all people are potential ministers, and lay people are key to transforming secular organizations. The artists worked collaboratively without infringing on the creative diginity of each other’s styles. For example, Soni Linder used clothing to differentiate among the various vocations in which lay people minister; John Moakley left his figures unclothed to eliminate status symbols and to express that we are all equal before God. In this way, the artistic process itself was a mutually shared ministry.


April 27, 2017: In Honor of Richard R. Broholm

The piece was rededicated at Yale Divinity School in honor of Richard R. Broholm, a Baptist minister who co-founded Seeing Things Whole and pioneered the exploration of ministry of the laity. The piece of art, familiar to many Andover Newton students and alumni/ae, was placed in a classroom named in honor of Broholm. The rededication included members of Andover Newton and Yale Divinity School’s faculty, staff, and administration, as well as members of the Bauer family.