A Tribute to Nayda Aguila

June 30, 2018
Nayda Aguila was the first person I met when I was a candidate to become Andover Newton’s Director of Field Education and Assistant Professor of Ministerial Leadership. I arrived at my interview unreasonably early, which meant that the waiting area where I spent my first moments on campus was across the hall from her office. I still remember our encounter well because it formed the first impression of the working environment at Andover Newton, which is an impression that for me holds to this day. Nayda embodied competence and dedication to the School. A few months after that first meeting, when I began in my new position, Interim Dean Bob Pazmiño introduced Nayda at orientation with the translation of her name: Aguila, the Eagle. 
Nayda and eagles share many qualities. Fiercely protective of those they love, eagles are elegant and efficient in equal measure. Nayda has exceeded expectations in every role she has taken on at Andover Newton. Starting out as an administrator in the Admissions office, Nayda was promoted first to the role of Assistant to the Faculty, and later she rose all the way up the ladder in the Registrar’s Office. Nayda exudes dedication to her family and her church. Her family-orientation carried over into her work at Andover Newton with students, faculty, and her staff colleagues. Nayda embodies the values of loyalty and supportiveness in a way that feels a lot like love. Her faith shines through as well: Andover Newton has been her ministry, and we have all benefitted from it.
Nayda’s more than 15 years of service to the School, administrative gifts, and contributions to the community well beyond the expectations of her job are just some of the reasons she has been granted the title Registrar Emeritus of Andover Newton. I could not be more impressed by and grateful for Nayda, my colleague, and my sister in Christ.
by: Sarah B. Drummond