UPDATE: Seminary Sunday 3.0 – “Seminary Snow-Sunday” now available!

January 13, 2022
In early December, Andover Newton Seminary announced plans for a new Seminary Sunday opportunity: Seminary Sunday 3.0 – “Seminary Snow-Sunday.” This service is now available for download, and will remain available throughout the winter.
Those churches worshipping exclusively online may choose to use it immediately, while churches meeting in person or in a hybrid-form, may save the service for a wintery Sunday when worship would normally be cancelled due to snow. The choice is up to you!
This is a complete worship experience, and will primarily be led by current students, with some engagement from staff and administrators. Third year student I’noli Hall will use the story of the road to Emmaus to frame his sermon titled, “Walking with Jesus.” We’ll also have readings and musical offerings from members of the Andover Newton Seminary community. Music licensing information is included in the video broadcast recording.
PLEASE NOTE: Two versions of this service are available. One version includes Communion for those churches broadcasting on a first Sunday of the month. This Communion will be led by Director of Community Development & Spiritual Formation JaQuan Beachem. The second service is identical, but does not include Communion for those congregations using the service on a Sunday that is not the first Sunday of the month.
Why make the service available for download, instead of simply broadcasting from our own media platforms? Two answers: 1) This gives churches the option of choosing when to broadcast the service; 2) This also gives churches the ability to broadcast using whatever media their local congregations are accustomed to viewing. Whether that’s broadcasting on YouTube, or posting the video to Facebook, this is meant to offer flexibility and accessibility.
If your congregation would like to use the service, please contact Ned Allyn Parker, who will send you the link for download.