Prof. Norman Gottwald
August 2, 2022
Prominent Old Testament theologian Walter Brueggemann (in his critical essay of May 2022, The Christian Century) hailed Dr. Gottwald as “the most important and influential...
Jane Heckles
June 22, 2022
Beloved spouse, cherished sister, super Auntie, ministry leader, and the best friend you could ever have, Jane Elizabeth Heckles died on June 18, 2022 after a brief, intense...
June 3, 2022
‘The seminary is not a building, and the work we do is not confined to these walls,’ said one seminary president.
Buffalo Cred AP Photo Matt Rourke
May 17, 2022
“With my fellow citizens, I have struggled with the anger and projected grief that arises in the wake of yet another mass shooting that tear open the raw wounds of our...
Dean Sarah B. Drummond
May 16, 2022
This past weekend, a gunman opened fire on customers and staff in a grocery store in Buffalo, New York. He was motivated by anti-Black racism, filled with hate, and equipped...
Rev. Mindi Welton-Mitchell (MDiv '02)
May 12, 2022
“If you have seen Disney’s “Encanto,” you probably have all the songs stuck in your head. The animated film tells the story of the family Madrigal, who live in the...
Jyrekis Collins ('22) with Don Ng ('75; current trustee)
May 6, 2022
“There I met God and God was Black. I met God and God was Asian. I met God and God was more complex than I ever realized, and God knew me and accepted me for who I am...
Ned Allyn Parker (MDiv '10)
May 6, 2022
“In that moment, the community saved me.” Read more in the Spring issue of “Reflections” from Yale Divinity School.
I'noli Hall (YDS MDiv and ANS diploma '22)
May 6, 2022
“Throughout this difficult era, have we learned to love each other better? Have we learned to let our guards down—to be honest with one another and honest with ourselves?...
Pastor Melissa Florer-Bixler
April 7, 2022
The Andover Newton community was honored to have Pastor Melissa Florer-Bixler offer the 2022 Bauer-Broholm Lecture titled: “What is the church for? re-membering during the...