The first step for a prospective student who wishes to study at Andover Newton Seminary is to contact the Admissions Office at Yale Divinity School. The Admissions Office will refer questions to the Andover Newton Dean, faculty, and staff as needed as the admissions process unfolds. When applying to YDS, those interested in Andover Newton are asked to note their intentions on their applications.

You can also find answers to FAQ’s about admission to YDS by visiting the Admissions FAQ page. Generally speaking, initial questions about applications should be sent to the YDS Admissions Office, even if those questions are about applying to Andover Newton’s program.

“The theology and medicine class was powerful on several counts, for all of us. One was encountering medical professionals seeking to fully engage their religious faith and spiritual commitment within their vocational life. Another was getting to know the amazing cohort of pastors and chaplains who became partners in the continuing education program alongside the degree students, and seeing the learning that occurred when, for instance, a Yale undergraduate considering medical school teamed up with an African-American pastor who had started a medical clinic in her neighborhood. Yet another was the theological reflections participants shared after our clinical immersions—whether accompanying doctors on their hospital rounds or spending an afternoon in the anatomy lab.”
Prof. S. Mark Heim (MDiv '76)