Andover Newton’s diploma signifies readiness for ministry. Students enrolled in degree programs at Yale Divinity School must apply for the diploma program, fulfill its expectations, and subject themselves to review from the Andover Newton Affiliate Faculty. Most Andover Newton students will come from the Master of Divinity Program, but other students may apply. Read more about YDS’s degree programs here.

More information about how Andover Newton’s requirements are overlaid on YDS requirements can be found on our Curriculum page.

FAQ’s about Andover Newton’s Academic Program:

What does Andover Newton do?
Andover Newton, one of three embedded schools within YDS, educates inspiring leaders for faith communities with a special focus on locally governed ministry settings.
How does Andover Newton educate leaders?
The Andover Newton diploma program is woven into the Yale MDiv. It guides students on how to use the MDiv’s built-in flexibility to prepare for ministerial leadership. 
Does an Andover Newton diploma require more credits than the Yale MDiv?
No. Andover Newton does require students take two introductory colloquia that are non-credit, transcripted professional development courses; and two out of four upper-level colloquia. Colloquia involve little work outside the classroom, emphasize integration of theological and ministerial learning, and habituate students into patterns of mutual collegial support. Otherwise, ANS’s required courses fulfill MDiv requirements.
Can Andover Newton help me to become ordained?
Yes. Andover Newton provides courses required by denominations, guidance on choosing and engaging denominations’ ordination processes, and discernment opportunities at every step along the way. That said, faith communities and denominations – not schools – ordain ministers, and the MDiv degree and ANS diploma are part of what ordaining bodies consider when reviewing a candidate’s qualifications.
Does Andover Newton charge tuition or fees?
No. Participation in the Andover Newton program is included in enrollment in the YDS MDiv.
Can students in programs other than the MDiv participate in Andover Newton’s diploma program? 
STM students have previously earned MDivs and therefore are eligible for ANS’s diploma program. MAR students with previous postgraduate theological education may petition for permission to participate through ANS’s Dean, Sarah Drummond, at sarah.drummond@yale.edu
If I don’t want to seek an ANS diploma but want to get involved co-curricularly, where can I plug in?
The entire YDS community is invited to Emmaus, Andover Newton’s Thursday evening worship experience, which includes dinner and Bible study; and worship with music, testimony, and communion. Other programs, such as small-group ministry and retreats, are open to those outside the diploma program who want to grow in their sense of community and in their faith. Interested students should consult with Director of Community Development and Spiritual Formation JaQuan Beachem at jaquan.beachem@yale.edu