Each year Andover Newton alumni/ae have the opportunity to reconnect by attending the Fall Alumni/ae Convocation. This event, now held in New Haven on the Yale Divinity School Campus, offers opportunities to network, sit in on workshops, and hear from current faculty. 

During the Fall Alumni/ae Convocation, Andover Newton honors one alumna/us who has exhibited exemplary skills in ministry by recognizing this person with the “Spirit of the Hill” award. 

Along with the “Spirit of the Hill” award, Alumni/ae Convocation includes worship, workshops, and the Alumni/ae business meeting, where the board and chair outline the current work being performed on behalf of our graduates.

“Andover Newton Seminary at Yale Divinity School is a family to me and many students that are part of it. The kind of community that Andover Newton offers is one of welcome and hospitality. There is no doubt that it has brought its unique flavor – a flavor of welcoming, love, and joy.”
Abner Cotto-Bonilla, MDiv ‘18