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Each year Andover Newton alumni/ae have the opportunity to reconnect by attending the Fall Alumni/ae Convocation. 

During the Fall Alumni/ae Convocation, Andover Newton honors one alumna/us who has exhibited exemplary skills in ministry by recognizing this person with the “Spirit of the Hill” award. 

Along with the “Spirit of the Hill” award, Alumni/ae Convocation includes worship, workshops, and the Alumni/ae business meeting, where the board and chair outline the current work being performed on behalf of our graduates.

“Andover Newton Seminary at Yale Divinity School is a family to me and many students that are part of it. The kind of community that Andover Newton offers is one of welcome and hospitality. There is no doubt that it has brought its unique flavor – a flavor of welcoming, love, and joy.” ~ Abner Cotto-Bonilla (MDiv ‘18), current Advisory Council member

Videos from Alumni/ae Convocation 2022

Convocation 2022: Worship led by the Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Haggray

Andover Newton Seminary Workshop: George Washington Williams

Service of Installation for the Rev. JaQuan Beachem

Videos from Alumni/ae Convocation 2021

Convocation 2021, Day 1: State of the School, New Scholarship initiative announcement, and Spirit of the Hill Award presentation
Convocation 2021, Day 2: “What about the road?” - opening plenary and worship with Bishop Yvette Flunder, Andover Newton Seminary Fellow at Large 
Convocation 2021, Day 3: Workshop with Prof. S. Mark Heim (MDiv ‘76) - “Emerging Love, Emerging Wisdom Christ and the Bodhisattva:  A sample of comparative theology and practice”
Convocation 2021, Day 4: Workshop with Prof. Gregory Mobley and 3rd year MDiv and Diploma student Andi Lloyd - “Bounty and Duty: The Hebrew Bible and the Environment”
Convocation 2021, Day 5: Workshop with Founding Dean Sarah B. Drummond - “Best Practices for Sharing Leadership”

Videos from Alumni/ae Convocation 2020

“Just because your in the storm, doesn’t mean the storm has to be in you” - The opening plenary with Rev. Dr. Kirk Byron Jones (MDiv ‘81)
State of the School by Dean Sarah B. Drummond
Spirit of the Hill and newly named scholarship

Following the state of the school, Dean Sarah B. Drummond and Associate Dean Ned Allyn Parker announced that The Rev. Dr. Thomas F. Freeman (BD’42) was the recipient of the 2020 Spirit of the Hill Award. Rev. Dr. Freeman passed away earlier this year. In response, the Board of Trustees created a scholarship and a $50,000 matching fund challenge to extend his legacy at Andover Newton in perpetuity. In the video below, Dr. Carlotta Freeman (Thomas Freeman’s daughter) accepts the award, former Board Chair Linda Campanella explains why the board of trustees created this scholarship, and 2nd year MDiv Jyrekis Collins talks about the transformational nature of scholarships.

Workshop 1: “Typhus, Plague, Covid-19: a theological perspective” with Prof. Mark Heim (MDiv ‘76) and Dr. Benjamin Doolittle 
Workshop 2: “Embracing the Prophetic Moment” with Prof. Gregory Mobley
Workshop 3: “The Pandemic and the Pastor” with Dean Sarah Drummond