Satisfactory Academic Progress

Students receiving Federal Financial Aid must be maintain satisfactory academic progress in order to continue to receive financial aid. Students not maintaining satisfactory academic progress are placed on probation based on the following.
Qualitative Standard 
A student on academic probation is no longer in good standing. Students on probation may not request Incompletes (except Medical Incompletes), cross-register at other schools, or withdraw from a remedial course. Remedial courses are courses that students take to replace a course they have failed.
Any of the following automatically places a student on probation:

  • a grade of F; a grade of D minus
  • more than one D;
  • GPA below 2.0 (C) for M. Div. or M.A.R.E. students;
  • GPA below 3.0 (B) for other M.A. students; or
  • GPA below 3.3(B+) for D. Min. students

A student may remedy the situation for which probation was imposed by: 

  • satisfactorily repeating a required course in which an F/ D minus was received, or taking a comparable course with departmental permission;
  • satisfactorily completing the following semester‘s work, if an F/ D minus was received in an elective course;
  • satisfactorily repeating or replacing, with departmental permission if necessary, one of two courses in which Ds were received; or
  • bringing one‘s GPA to the required level.

Quantitative Standard
MDIV - Students must complete 81 credit hours within 7 years.
MA    - Students must complete 48 credits within 4 years.
DMIN - Students must complete 31 credits within 6 years.
Student academic progress is checked at the end of each academic year. If a student is placed on academic probation, then the student must meet with the Academic Dean to set up an academic plan in order to meet the satisfactory academic progress requirements. A student may receive financial aid for one semester after being placed on academic probation. If the student maintains the academic plan set up by the Academic Dean, then the student may continue to receive financial aid. If a student does not maintain satisfactory academic progress, then they will no longer be eligible for the financial aid until satisfactory academic progress is made.