Andover Newton Theological School in Newton, MA (Class of 2019)

Although Andover Newton no longer offers educational programs in its former Newton, MA location, students who were on the cusp of finishing their degrees before those programs were discontinued have the option of completing their degrees through June, 2019 using courses from other accredited seminaries. Dean Sarah Drummond is official advisor to all students in this category, and Registrar Nayda Aguila their administrative contact for completing their degrees. The following polices apply to them:

Accreditation and Institutional Effectiveness

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Return of Title IV (Direct Loan) Funds

Institutional Code of Conduct

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Transcripts and Records

FERPA Policy

"This Southern girl was brought up on sunshine and neighborhood sidewalk ‘hellos.’ When I think about the brightest moments of my time at Yale Divinity School so far, Emmaus radiates the warm glow of home. I call our gatherings ‘family dinner,’ and I mean it. This is my family here: quirky, lovely, welcoming, honest, safe. At Emmaus dinners, and in chapel together, I am open to being vulnerable, and I am free to watch for God—in comfort and without fear."
Elena Alba, MA ‘19