Professional Development

Through annual lectures and workshops, Andover Newton Seminary provides resources to the wider community of religious leaders. Special events include the Woodbury Leadership Workshop for clergy, the Broholm-Bauer Lectures for lay leaders, the Simpson-Hewett Lecture on congregational history, and speakers focused on the state of ministry as a profession for Andover Newton’s annual alumni/ae Convocation (held in October).

Find some of Andover Newton’s recent lectures and panel discussions below…

Seeking Wisdom in a Perfect Storm: A panel discussion with Andover Newton-affiliated faculty members

Today, we see the storms of global pandemic, economic catastrophe, and racially motivated violence collide. What will it take to navigate a ship through these roiling seas? How can faith communities provide hope and sow seeds of love? How can they simultaneously speak truth to the principalities, whose insufficient and at-times destructive actions are both at the root of today’s perils and the accelerants that make bad situations worse?

In the panel presented here, academics and theologians express love and hope for the church while also speaking truths not easy to say or hear. By sharing their wisdom, it is hoped that religious leaders will be better able to do the work to which they are called in this moment.  (Find the full story on our News Page)

Simpson-Hewett Lecture 2020

Pulitzer Prize winning novelist Marilynne Robinson offered the Simpson-Hewett Lecture on January 25, 2020. The title of her lecture was: “The Prehistory of Congregationalism.” 

The lecture was broadcast live online, and a recording is available to watch below.

“Along with the academic rigor of our education, Andover Newton is building my confidence as a leader and community servant. Andover Newton helps us put into practice what we theorize in class.”
Martine Bruno, MDiv ‘20