The 2024 Bauer-Broholm Lecture with Doug Wysockey-Johnson (ANTS MDiv ‘87)

“A Very Personal Theology of Institutions”

Think for a moment about how much of your life is impacted by the institutions and organizations around you. Our schools, banks, grocery stores, hospitals, computer companies and churches play a central role in our lives every day.  A theology of institutions is important because organizations make such a difference in the quality of our society.  
At the same time, our institutions are made up of individual persons, each of whom must discern how to best engage with the organizations that are a part of our life. In this year’s Bauer Broholm lecture series, we will explore what it means to be a ‘loving critic’ of the institutions that are a part of our life. 
(Find more information about the speaker, and an introduction to the Bauer-Broholm Lecture series below the video.)

About Doug Wysockey-Johnson

For the past 23 years, Doug Wysockey-Johnson has been the Executive Director of Lumunos (previously known as Faith at Work)  a 90 year old national organization committed to helping people discern and live a life of calling. In this work he leads retreats and workshops in churches, workplaces, and retreat centers around the country. 
One significant extension of this emphasis on calling has Doug working with clinicians and hospital leadership (  In this space Doug leads workshops on leadership, peer support, hospital culture, emotional intelligence, resiliency strategies and work/life ‘balance’.   In this work and as an Executive Coach, Doug has worked in numerous hospital systems around the country. 
Doug is a founding board member of the Coalition for Physician Well Being and the author of a weekly well being email that goes to over 5000 clinicians.  Doug and a few others from the Coalition are the creators of the ‘Medicus Integra Award,’ an assessment and award process (similar to Magnet Status for nursing) that measures a hospital’s commitment to physician well being. 
As a writer Doug is the author of three books Sacred Conversations:  Connecting Our Spiritual Lives with our Work in the World: published in 2017 with a team of writers; Called, Together published in 2008;   A Balcony Perspective, co authored with Dick Broholm in 2000. 
Doug is  a 1987 graduate of ANTS, and is ordained in the Evangelical Covenant Church.  He has served UCC and Covenant churches  in Vermont and Massachusetts.

About Lumunos

Lumunos was founded almost 100 years ago by an Episcopal priest (Rev. Samuel Shoemaker) who was also instrumental in the creation of Alcoholics Anonymous.  We continue in that AA culture by being a deeply inclusive spiritual organization that has the ability to offer our services in any setting.  Our focus has always been on issues common to us all:  belonging, calling, and the connection between ‘role and soul.’  
Lumunos makes the world better through improved self-understanding, better relationships with others and stronger organizational culture. With this mission we move fluidly between corporate conference rooms, church basements, family rooms and Zoom rooms. We work with leaders, clinicians in the health care space, and the general public.  Our services include workshops, retreats, coaching, group facilitation and content generation around the above themes.

About the Bauer Broholm Lecture

This lecture is made possible by a generous gift from Dr. Bradley P. Bauer (DMin ‘16), who endowed a fund to be used to support lectures on the topic of the ministry of the laity. Paying particular attention to the typology of the church/world encounter, this lecture series explores practices of Faith at Work, while also shining a light on the ways in which churches produce and validate leaders who make ethical contributions to society. The lecture honors Andover Newton’s history of educating the laity to bring faith to their life’s work, especially Andover Newton’s former Center for the Ministry of the Laity, which contributed to this work in the 1980’s. The Bauer-Broholm Lectures shall commend personal vocational discernment and deepen skills and knowledge for both clergy and lay leadership in faith communities. The lectureship also honors Dick Broholm, who brought Robert Greenleaf and his writings on ‘Servant Leadership’ to Andover Newton Theological School, binding its principles with the practices of lay ministry.”